Spindley ran in the door with Alice when the sirens sounded. The news told of the coming storm, and then Father yelled
     “Bad weather! You know what that means! Everybody dress up!”
     The next five minutes were spent with everyone in the household running around putting on Sundays’ finest. The girls ran to the mirrors and the boys shined their shoes. They all gathered by the window in the living room and watched the storm approach. The winds picked up out of nowhere and lightning started streaking towards Earth and crashing like mountains coming down. The house seemed to shake and Father said
     “Remember Grandpa, kids, sucked out this very window years ago, it was. Dressed like a poor man, they found him half naked with an’ old work boot still on his wooden leg.”
     The storm raged on for a short time, then the winds died down and the rain steadied from a pounding thunder to a soft patter.
     “All dressed up and nowhere to go, right kids?” asked Father, as he did after every storm. Mother laughed her usual laugh and that was that.
     Later, Father noticed Spindley sitting by the back door.
     “What are you doin’ in here boy? Out you go.”
     Spindley ran through the yard, barking.

A short story by Scott C. Stuart

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