The Writer

     Og Don was a great writer, and he would often portray himself as such at social gatherings. People tended to, however, scoff at him. In fact, often he was held with little regard or even ridiculed.
     “What have you written?”
     “All the greats, in fact, I am very proud to have written the Bible.”
     You see, Og was a great writer. He could write very fast, with a keen sense of style and incredible accuracy. However, he had absolutely no imagination. Once, while copying ‘Moby Dick’, the thought crossed his mind to call the book ‘Dick, Moby’ and change the word ‘white’ to ‘red’ wherever it should occur. The thought crossed his mind very fast. Og chuckled, and then proceeded to copy, exactly… word for word… rarely taking a break for food or sleep… because he was very dedicated to his craft.
     Eventually he did not get invited to any social gatherings, but he didn't mind.

A short story by Scott C. Stuart

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